Working at home

I’ve been working from home since 2005 so it’s nothing new for me. But for those experiencing it for the first time, it can be frustrating. You may feel distracted, that’s a big problem. Or you may have family in the house and feel like you’re getting interrupted and not being productive. Here are some […]

The top website and marketing links of the week. Making sure your customers know you appreciate them is an ongoing and critical task for business owners. Here are some ideas for thanking your customers from Constant Contact. What to do with the old content on your website is another constant question. Here are some good […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. Starting your website off with a solid site structure (or Information Architecture if you want to get a bit more technical) is important and usually not too hard to do. But keeping that structure as your site grows can be more difficult – check out those […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. How easy is your site to read? Does it have tiny text that makes it tough for some users? The 12px font size became a norm in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s because Mac OS adopted the 12pt font as its default base size. 9-14px fonts were […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. Okay, so these first three aren’t website or marketing links, but they might be good for you anyway. I just hired my first VA (virtual assistant), something I probably should have done a few years ago. It felt good, even though right now it’s just a […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. Clients tell me that figuring out what to write can be one of the hardest things about owning a website. Here’s something that might help: a guide to writing an engaging Start Here page. This is a great idea, it helps new visitors get a quick handle on […]