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Friday Link Wrapup – Start Here page, media kits, SEO, task manager apps

The top website and marketing links for this week.

Clients tell me that figuring out what to write can be one of the hardest things about owning a website. Here’s something that might help: a guide to writing an engaging Start Here page. This is a great idea, it helps new visitors get a quick handle on you and your services or products, and though I’d never thought about it before, it’s something I’ll be doing myself!

Learn how to create a media kit so that bloggers, editors and writers can more easily cite you in their articles. Free publicity – and it’s also useful for trade shows and conferences.

Why SEO still matters for small businesses. Learn the basics in this introduction, including why SEO is always an ongoing process, not something done once and then forgotten.

Finally, building on the small selection of to-do lists offered last week, here’s a big guide to 40 popular task manager apps with reviews.