Hi there.

Debbie Campbell

I’m Debbie Campbell, the owner / web designer /web developer / problem solver-in-chief of Red Kite. I’ve been doing this professionally since 2005 and I have a lot of experience helping small business owners establish and grow their organizations online.

Why hiring the right web designer matters.

We know that a small business website can be a substantial investment. That’s why we do all we can to help you succeed by listening to you very carefully. We do this from the very beginning and all the way through your project (and even after launch). We want to learn:

  • What issues are we trying to solve with your project?
  • What business goals do you need to meet?
  • How do we make your site provide the best possible experience for your users?
  • What results will make your new project a success for your business?

Working with Red Kite is not like working with your neighbor’s cousin’s nephew! We are all about building long-term working partnerships with our clients. And we value transparency in everything, not a black-box approach. Learn more about our web design process.

Red Kite makes your life easier by providing you with a website that you can manage and grow without the ongoing help of a web designer – and we’ll educate you on how to use it. We talk honestly with clients about what works and what doesn’t in the web world because we believe that an enlightened client is far more likely to succeed.

Red Kite is based in Fort Collins, CO and works with clients locally and nationally.

More reasons why we’re not your run-of-the-mill web design studio.

  • Website development changes fast. The tools used to build websites have evolved tremendously, and the speed of change has only been increasing in the past couple of years. I stay on top of these changes to make sure my clients get the most useful, up-to-date websites possible – even when they can’t see the code behind them.
  • We’re WordPress experts. Since 2009 I’ve focused exclusively on building custom WordPress sites because I believe clients do best when they own their own site and content – not rent from some other provider. And WordPress is flexible enough to meet just about any small business need.
  • Trust is earned. Some of my clients have been around since 2008 – I’ve built multiple versions of their sites and I’m proud to have their trust. Red Kite values long-term partnerships.
  • We’re small. And have chosen to stay that way. I do all design and development work but have a network of experienced partners. Being small means giving personal attention to our clients. It also means you don’t have to pay for a larger agency’s overhead costs.
  • Fast and mobile-friendly sites. We’ve been ‘doing’ responsive design since it came on the scene in 2010, plus we build our code lean and clean for faster-loading sites. We understand WordPress performance.
  • We’re ecommerce-experienced. My husband and I ran my parents’ online store (which I built) for 9 years. Red Kite has on-the-ground experience with ecommerce that you won’t find in a typical web developer.
  • We have connections. Over the years we’ve built a high-quality network of trusted pros and partners with skills in custom programming, content development, SEO, advertising and much more.
  • We treat every site as if it were our own. It means that our recommendations are from a viewpoint of “what would I do if this were my site?” This is why our clients report feeling well taken care of.

Other ways we support your online business.

For Red Kite, it’s always been about “how can we best support our clients and make things easier for them, so they can get what they need all in one place?” Here are some of the ways we do it…

In 2014 we launched WP Minder, a service built to provide ongoing hosting and maintenance for our design clients.

WP Minder logo

When a website launches, the party’s not over – it’s just beginning. And it has to be consistently maintained going forward. We wanted to be the one to do that for our clients since we already knew their websites inside and out.

WP Minder currently maintains over 70 client websites with comprehensive Care Plans that include weekly updates, redundant backups, security audits, support time and much, much more.

In 2018 we began offering Performance Optimization. Our load time analysis and improvements now include Core Web Vitals, implemented in 2021 by Google to help provide a measure for quantifying user experience. On average we can reduce load time by over 50% and often better.

In 2022 we began offering marketing packages to drive more traffic to client sites, and then capture and nurture leads once they arrive. We have packages specifically designed for local businesses as well.

A little more info about owner Debbie Campbell

I’m a problem solver. I love using my creative and analytical skills to come up with solutions that engage visitors and meet the business’s goals, yet still offer an easy-to-use online experience.  I believe good design is invisible – it provides context and direction but doesn’t get in the user’s way.

I’m one of the founders of Fort Collins Internet Pros, a meetup group that now has over 1,300 members.

In my free time I’m a wildlife and landscape photographer. I shoot with Fuji mirrorless bodies and lenses – see my work at Dark Iron Photography.