Your website is home base for marketing your business.

Our three-step website Marketing Kits can be paired with a project or used on your existing website (with some exceptions). Here’s how they work to get more potential clients for you…

I can – for national SEO it’s $750 for the first month then $600/mo for a minimum of 3 months (4 months total). It takes 1-2 months typically to begin seeing any results from SEO.

The first month is setup: keyword research, topic list creation, reporting setup, website audit, then subsequent months are for page/post optimization and tracking.

More clicks and more qualified leads.

Increasing traffic

Drive Website Visits

Get more online conversions (sales, appointments, signups) by increasing traffic to your site via online ads or SEO.

Acquire qualified leads

Acquire New Leads

Build your email list in exchange for something valuable, like an email course, checklist or downloadable ebook.

Nurture leads

Nurture Your Leads

Build trust and gently educate your leads with an email drip campaign designed to convert prospects into customers.

Choose a Kit

Tailwinds Google Ads Kit

Starts at


Pay-per-click can get more traffic to your website relatively quickly but can be expensive due to competition. We can also do any custom combination of services if this package isn’t the right fit.

  • Google Ads setup and management
  • Ongoing ads optimization
  • Conversion tracking
  • Landing page design and setup
  • Lead magnet setup
  • Email drip automation sequence
  • Reports
  • One-time $100 setup fee​
  • Minimum $600 ($20/day) ad budget recommended
  • Monthly fee increases with ad budget
  • No contracts!
Tailwinds SEO Kit

Starts at


Organic search engine optimization takes longer to get results but is more cost-effective in the long run. We can also do any custom combination of services if this package isn’t the right fit.

  • Local or National SEO setup
  • Baseline report and audit
  • Site optimization, up to 10 pages/qtr
  • Ongoing monthly site optimization
  • Backlinking & competitor analysis
  • GBP and citations (Local only)
  • Lead magnet setup
  • Email drip automation sequence
  • Reports
  • Includes sites up to 30 pages, inquire for larger sites
  • No contracts!
Individual services also available – contact us with questions.

Should I choose Google Ads or SEO?

The answer is: it depends. Check out our comparison guide below.

  • A sprint, not a marathon – start getting results fast.
  • You pay for traffic and compete for placement.
  • Can be very expensive depending on the competition and target location.
  • Not cost-effective for low ad budgets (depends on the competition/location).
  • Short-term benefits – when your campaign stops so does your traffic.
  • Easier to monitor and calculate return on investment (ROI).
  • Change and customize a campaign on the fly.
  • Different types of ads available.
  • Ads appear at the top and bottom of search results making them easy to spot.
  • Often better for new companies and websites.
  • Not an asset – more like renting than buying.
  • A marathon, not a sprint – takes longer to start getting results.
  • Traffic is free.
  • Long term optimization and enhancement of content to rank better in search results.
  • Need at least 500 words of high-quality content on service pages to optimize.
  • More cost-effective than ads in the long run.
  • Makes your website more relevant to your users over time.
  • Harder to calculate return on investment (ROI).
  • Builds trust and makes your website more relevant to your users over time.
  • Works hand-in-hand with good user experience, page load times, site security and mobile-friendliness.
  • Often better for established companies and websites.
  • A valuable asset – more like buying than renting.
Consider both – Google Ads and SEO can work together to help you earn traffic quickly and maintain it down the road.

Have a question?

It depends on your goal. Ads will get you more results in the short-term but be expensive. SEO will get you lasting long-term results but takes longer to begin working. See the comparison above.

We recommend a minimum of $600/mo ($60/day), but it depends on how competitive your target market and location are. Typical click costs range from $1 to $50.

No contracts for Marketing Kits.

Let us know, it could be due to several reasons and we’ll work with you to fix it.

At the current time, about 3-6 months, though it can take quite a bit longer. It takes time to build credibility.

At the current time, about 2-3 months. The first few months are like a training period where we gather the data that’ll help us improve your campaign.

Monthly for Google Ads, quarterly for SEO.

Not all of your new leads are going to be ready to buy, make an appointment or sign up when they first visit your website. It’s important to ‘warm them up’ over time to eventually reach the point where they’re ready to convert, and we do this by getting them into your email automation where you can tell them about yourself, your business and why they should work with you.