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Is Your Website Doing Its Job?

It’s time to stop guessing about problems so you can maximize your site’s performance and impact.

How is Your WordPress Website REALLY Perfoming?

Is your website losing potential customers due to hidden errors and a frustrating user experience? Could outdated design be harming your brand’s image? Does your content need a refresh? Is poor SEO or slow loading impacting your Google visibility for the services you offer?

Times have changed, and what used to work wonders for businesses just a few years ago may now be outdated. Without a solid marketing strategy, businesses find themselves struggling and falling behind the competition. And today’s Internet user expects top-notch web design that works great in phones, yet many small businesses are still following outdated playbooks. If you find yourself in this boat, you’re not alone!

Running a business is a full-time job, and keeping up with the rapidly-evolving digital landscape can be tough. Get our 70+ point Website Assessment to identify potential problems, and get plain-English explanations so you can make informed decisions about what to do next. Is it time for a redesign? Can your current site be remediated? You’ll know when we finish our assessment.

Our comprehensive Website Assessment will test your WordPress site for 70+ potential problems with your site – and explain the solutions in English, not tech-speak.

You may need a Website Assessment if:

You’re not happy with the look of your site.

Maybe it’s outdated, or not mobile-friendly, or customers have complained about a bad user experience on the site.

Your site isn’t being found in search results.

Not showing up in search, or problems with your Google Business Profile if you’re a locally-focused business.

Traffic and conversions are down.

This can be due to search algorithm changes or issues with content. Or, fewer sales or form submits due to conversion issues.

WordPress is slow or has technical issues.

Pages load slowly or WordPress has errors like broken links, missing pages, navigation problems or non-optimized images.

You want an informed second opinion.

Get an assessment of your site to double-check your web developer and identify blind spots with a fresh pair of eyes.

The site has privacy or accessibility issues.

Missing privacy or terms of use pages can become a serious and expensive legal issue – and so can an inaccessible site.

What’s the Process?

Submit the form below and we schedule your assessment within 1-2 business days. We’ll email you to set up a 45-minute Zoom call to go over the issues found and how to fix them. You’ll also get a PDF report with even more detail and recommendations.

Prepaid Discovery

Your assessment works as a project discovery tool. If you hire us for a website redesign project within 3 months of your assessment, the fee will be applied to your project fee. It’s like a head-start on a brand new website – with better functionality and fewer issues!

What Areas Are Covered in My Assessment?

User Experience

User experience is crafting a website with your visitors in mind. It’s about making sure the site not only looks good but is also easy for people to use. The idea is to make your website friendly and intuitive for visitors to explore.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is about getting more visitors to take the actions you want on your website, like filling out forms or becoming customers. It’s the strategic process of increasing those positive interactions.

Technical WP Assessment

WordPress is a robust platform with many features. To ensure your website’s security, performance, stability, and functionality, it’s crucial to configure and update it regularly. Otherwise, there’s a risk of issues.

Performance & Security

Slow-loading and insecure websites can be penalized by Google. Boosting your website’s security builds trust, and improving your page load time enhances the visitor experience and can boost conversion rates.

SEO & Online Visibility

Leveraging the power of SEO provides your business with a significant advantage over competitors by bringing more prospects and customers straight to your website from organic searches they make on search engines like Google and Bing.

Content Format & Copy

To stand out among your competitors, your website content and copy must go beyond being well-written, easy to read, and SEO-friendly. It must also consistently deliver valuable and relevant info to your ideal target audience.


Web accessibility is the key to creating websites that everyone can experience and enjoy. It’s about making sure that people with disabilities can easily see, understand, navigate, and interact with your site.

Legal & Privacy

Safeguard your business by proactively ensuring that your website adheres to national and international laws, rules, and regulations to mitigate legal risks and foster a more trustworthy online presence.

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