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Friday Link Wrapup – Hiring a VA, Optimizing Pages, Marketing Fails

The top website and marketing links for this week.

Okay, so these first three aren’t website or marketing links, but they might be good for you anyway.

I just hired my first VA (virtual assistant), something I probably should have done a few years ago. It felt good, even though right now it’s just a 2-week trial to see how we work together, but I’ve taken the first step.

If you’re interested in having someone who can help you get more done with you working less time, here are some references I used when figuring out how and who to hire:

From MOZ, here’s great SEO tip: optimize a page for how users are actually using the page. There’s a detailed and helpful 7-step guide to pulling this off.

Finally, a guide to why your marketing efforts are failing from Soul Proprietor.