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Friday Link Wrapup – Site Migration Problems, Landing Pages

The top website and marketing links for this week.

Ever tried to migrate your site from one host to the other and found you’d lost all your Google link juice? This post is for you: learn how to recover your organic search rankings after a bad migration. This is a bit advanced, but very thorough and worth some time if you’re having this problem with your site.

If  you’re in the process of coming up with new landing pages, here’s a great post on 2016 landing page design trends that might provide some inspiration.

Followup: Last week I shared some resources about how to choose and hire a VA (virtual assistant). I’m happy to report that after going through the job posting process on UpWork and reviewing the skills and backgrounds of the 20 or so people that responded, I found two people who fit my requirements really well.

I hired them both for 2-week trials, then I set up a Trello board for each of them and got some tasks ready. Both have done quite well so far… I’m pleased, I’m getting stuff done without personally spending time on it. It’s helping me out a lot. I’ll say it: I should have done this a while back.

I’ve learned a few things too… I’m getting a handle on how long it takes me to set up a concise task, and write up documentation if needed. Also, at the beginning I was worried that having one VA in Europe (8 hours ahead) would be a problem, but it hasn’t turned out that way at all. As long as there’s a 1-2 day window for a task, we’ve had no problems.

I think I’m going to have a hard time choosing at the end of two weeks…