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Weekly Links Roundup – Thanking Customers, Old Content, Too Many Choices, Trello

The top website and marketing links of the week.

Making sure your customers know you appreciate them is an ongoing and critical task for business owners. Here are some ideas for thanking your customers from Constant Contact.

What to do with the old content on your website is another constant question. Here are some good ideas for dealing with old content from Yoast. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t just delete an old post – if the old post has good-quality links pointing to it and you have a new post that fills the shoes of the old one, you’ll need to add a 301 redirect from the old post to the newer one; or if you just really want to delete that old content forever make sure you read the part about 410 Gone.

Is your site cluttered? Does the user who arrives on the home page have any clue what they should do next? Sometimes the problem with a design is not a lack of direction, but too many choices! Studies show that the more choices a user is given, the less likely they are to get to a conversion. Learn about how to both simplify and group user choices for better results.

Finally… a non-marketing link but one that could be of great benefit to your business. Trello is one of my favorite tools; I use it for project management and my clients tend to like it because it’s so intuitive and easy to use. It’s very flexible and it’s an ideal tool for implementing the Kanban methodology from Toyota. However, it can also be used for customer support, and here’s how to do that.