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Weekly Links Roundup – Slow WordPress Dashboard, Facebook Marketing, SEO Problems, Trust

The top website and marketing links of the week.

If you find that your WordPress admin dashboard is suddenly running a lot slower – guess what? It’s probably that plugin you installed recently. This post on 14 ways to fix a slow WordPress admin includes a list of 35 plugins known to cause dashboard slowdowns, but in case that’s not your issue, there are other things you can troubleshoot and this post will help you do just that.

If you’re using Facebook to connect to your audience, here’s a big post detailing 22 Facebook marketing tips for budget-minded small businesses. Top tip: content calendars are great for blogging, and they also seem to be a good idea for busy Facebook marketers.

This is for the SEO do-it-yourselfers. Ever had one of those really weird problems with your site rankings and no clue how to begin fixing it? This post might help. It’s an 8-point checklist for addressing strange problems with your technical SEO.

And finally… this is a really important one. Does your website inspire trust? Take a good look at it while you read this post on why and how to gain users’ trust. Does it make you look like a pro? Or an amateur? Would people want to buy from you or hire you, based on the quality of your site’s design? Are there spelling and grammatical errors that you could easily fix? Trust is critical and easily lost, but harder to gain. Food for thought.