Weekly Links Roundup – Non-profit Newsletters, Testimonials, Improving Conversions, Calls-to-action Best Practices

The top website and marketing links of the week.

If your business (in any industry) has an email newsletter, you might find yourself hard-pressed to find something interesting to write about every month (or week, or whatever your timetable is). Here’s a guide to developing newsletter content for non-profits that will help readers better understand and connect with you.

I always encourage clients to display testimonials on their websites – they can be a powerful persuader for potential new customers. Research shows that 70% of consumers will trust an online opinion of even someone they don’t know personally. But – there are good and bad ways to handle testimonials that impact their effectiveness. Learn how to manage testimonials.

One good way to improve conversions on your site is to make it a journey, not a set of pages with no guidance. Use a call-to-action to take your visitor where you want them to go, and use internal links to bring them deeper into your site. Get more tips on improving conversions.

And since we’re talking calls-to-action, here’s a post detailing CTA examples and best practices. See how seven other sites do it, and do it well.