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Weekly Links Roundup – Site Structure, CRMs, Membership Sites

The top website and marketing links for this week.

Starting your website off with a solid site structure (or Information Architecture if you want to get a bit more technical) is important and usually not too hard to do. But keeping that structure as your site grows can be more difficult – check out those huge menus and category lists you see on some complex sites! Note the lack of breadcrumbs that can help you see where you are at any given point. Learn how to recover that great site structure and improve UX as well as SEO.

Are you using a CRM (customer relationship manager)? If you’re not, consider doing it: it will help you consolidate all the information you have on clients and contacts all in one place. They can also help you manage the sales process and communications. Read reviews of 9 CRM services all under $25/user. I’ve used Insightly in the past with success and am currently trying out Capsule.

And finally… if you’re running a membership site, how do you make it more engaging and more interesting for members so they’ll keep coming back for more? Here’s a guide to 11 methods for increasing interactivity for your membership site. It’s geared toward WordPress but the ideas will apply to any site (even if the implementation is different).

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