Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Most of my clients are using social media of some type to build their audience and drive potential customers to their websites. But is it really working for them? It’s hard to determine the return on your investment in social media…. and you can spend a lot of time if you try to use more than one social channel regularly. How do you know where to put your efforts?

So earlier this week on the Constant Contact blog I found a quiz I’ll share with you. The goal of the quiz is to help you determine what’s the best social network based on your business style, needs and goals.

I took the quiz twice, once for Red Kite and again for WP Minder. I found it to be really helpful; it showed me that based on Red Kite’s answers I should be concentrating on LinkedIn. I do a lot with Twitter and Facebook, but not so much with LinkedIn – so that’s changing now. I’ll be auto-posting my new blog posts to LinkedIn as well as FB and Twitter from now on.

A Surprise for WP Minder!

When I took the quiz again for WP Minder, I was very surprised when Instagram was suggested! Not at all what I expected for a WordPress maintenance company… I took it 2 more times (just to check) and it gave me Instagram each time.I’m an avid user of Instagram to share my personal photos (my biggest hobby) but I’ve never considered using it for work – how do you take a pretty picture of backing up a website? But, this gives me something to think about. Maybe a more metaphorical approach to sharing info about what WP Minder does and how it helps business owners.

Anyway – if you’re among the 75% or so of small businesses who are already using social media, or you’re thinking about jumping in, take the quiz and see what happens. It could be an eye-opener for you.

P.S. After the quiz, Constant Contact has some quickstart content to help you get going on your suggested social media network.

Here’s that link for the quiz again.