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Weekly Links Roundup – Blogging for Business, Mompreneurs, Favicons, Design

The top website and marketing links for this week.

I still believe in blogging for business (see, I’m doing it right now!). For my business clients I almost always recommend they consider blogging if they need to establish their expertise; share info about events and projects they’ve participated in; teach their customers or potential customers something new; or improve their search engine rankings (not the *reason* to blog, but an important potential benefit of doing it). Learn more about why blogging for business still matters.

Are you a mompreneur? Then this link is for you! Learn how to grow your business in 3 easy steps. And yes – if you’re not a mompreneur, you can still learn something from this post.

Does your website have a favicon? (Do you know what a favicon is?) If not, or if yours is due from some closer scrutiny, check out this post on favicons and your online brand. You might get some great ideas.

Finally… does your website make you look like a pro at what you do? Or does it say “I’m just not that serious about my business?” It’s a critical question. Learn about 10 things that can make your online presence look less than professional. And if you need help making improvements to your professional presence, contact me, I’m here to assist.