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Weekly Links Roundup – Two WordPresses, Free Ebooks, Why WordPress, Website Redesigns

The top website and marketing links for this week.

Considering converting your existing business website to WordPress? WordPress.org, WordPress.com – why are there two WordPresses? What’s the difference between them?

If after reading that you’re still on the fence, take this quiz to see which WordPress you should use. If you’re a business owner looking to expand and grow, you’ll likely find that WordPress.org is the answer. You’ll have far more control over your site.

If you’re just ramping up a new business (or are still in the planning stages) here is a collection of 16 free ebooks about business, marketing, advertising and social media.

Speaking of new businesses… while WordPress is not a perfect solution for everyone by any means, it’s a great fit for many companies. Check out these 5 reasons to use WordPress for your new business’ website.

And finally, if you already have a business website but it’s not performing for you the way you would like, learn about how a website redesign can impact your ROI.

If you’re in that situation and are considering a redesign, contact me for a free site review and estimate. I can help you improve the look, feel, and user experience on your website in order to better meet your business goals!