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Weekly Links Roundup – WordPress 4.8, Holler Box, Getting Subscribers

The top website and marketing links for this week.

WordPress 4.8 was released as I was writing this post… The two big things you’ll most likely notice are:

  • New native image, video and audio widgets, finally! You can now display this content in widgets without HTML or extra plugins.
  • Link boundaries – know how you sometimes will grab a few letters from the previous or next word when making a link? This new feature makes it more clear where the link starts and stops.
  • To learn more about the new features, visit this post.

Looking for something like a chat or popup, but not annoying like popups can be? Try Holler Box. This new WordPress plugin is customizable and a pretty elegant way of making quick announcements or capturing email addresses without being so obtrusive. Get it here or read a review about the features and potential usage.

Speaking of capturing email addresses… how do you actually start getting more signups and subscribers? It can be hard, as you probably know. Learn how to ask for it in this post.