The top website and marketing links of the week. I always encourage clients to display testimonials on their site, if their industry allows them. Testimonials are a great way to influence prospective customers toward purchasing your products or services. And reviews let your customers speak – even if they are not always positive, how you […]

The top website and marketing links of the week. If you run an ecommerce site, you’re probably interested in increasing conversions, right? Here is a post about the 13 things your ecommerce pages need to do just that – get more sales. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming up quickly. Learn how to […]

The top website and marketing links of the week. If you’re using social media to help promote your business, you probably have found that a lack of engagement from your followers is a very frustrating thing. Here are 10 tips on improving engagement in social media marketing. Considering a redesign of your business site as […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. If you’ve been thinking about starting a business blog, good for you! It can be a big help in improving and maintaining good search engine rankings. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 12 essential resources for becoming a (better) blogger. The most obvious […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. How to use psychology to trigger the behaviors you want in your site visitors. Making the move from http to https? It’s a good idea, as Google gives a little boost to these more-secure sites. But be warned that when you make the switch you’ll more […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. Need a marketing boost? Quality Logo Products has a monthly grant in which they provide $500 worth of promotional materials from their site to a small business that has a unique story to share. What could you do with all those marketing goodies? A giveaway? Stock your table at a […]

Some things that may be a bit troubling if you run an online shop… 44% of buyers now expect to receive an email if they left items in their shopping cart without purchasing, says a study from Bronto Software. There may be an ulterior motive to this behavior – almost 40% of these people expect to […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. Do you use email for promoting your business? Here are 29 Reasons to Use Email Marketing (As Told by Small Business Owners). A high-quality and useful regular email delivery helps keep your company at the top of your customers’ minds. If you manage an ecommerce website, this is especially […]

The Colorado State University Environmental Learning Center came to Red Kite looking for help with a few things: A website that was standalone, not lost amid the larger site run by Warner College; A way to accept online payment for registration and membership without going off-site; A site where they could have their own unique […]