A Few Surprising Facts About Modern Online Shoppers

Some things that may be a bit troubling if you run an online shop…

44% of buyers now expect to receive an email if they left items in their shopping cart without purchasing, says a study from Bronto Software. There may be an ulterior motive to this behavior – almost 40% of these people expect to get a coupon in that reminder email, either for a discount or for free shipping. The problem is that another 32% of them find those reminders very annoying and it’s likely to make them less likely to return to the website in the future… It’s a balancing act, apparently.

Also, it seems that more than 70% of shoppers use online shopping carts like a wish list – storing items for later view or purchase as they shop around at multiple websites when making buying decisions.

You can get a copy of the white paper from Bronto Software here.

Another study by PowerReviews showed that over half of online shoppers needed some kind of reward or recognition to write a product review. Interestingly, the biggest users of reviews are Millenials – and they are also the least likely to write them.

Personally, I tend to write them because I’ve found the previous reviews left about what I bought to be really helpful – particularly on a site like Amazon. How about you?