Friday Link Wrapup – Email Marketing, Ecommerce, Content for Boring Industries

The top website and marketing links for this week.

Do you use email for promoting your business? Here are 29 Reasons to Use Email Marketing (As Told by Small Business Owners). A high-quality and useful regular email delivery helps keep your company at the top of your customers’ minds.

If you manage an ecommerce website, this is especially for you. Learn about 12 easy ways to lose ecommerce customers. The ones I see the most with new clients are:

  • Site is not mobile-friendly. This really is becoming a critical issue now – if you still have a website that doesn’t work well on phones and tablets, make it a priority to get that fixed.
  • Your site is slow. If you’re serious about your business, don’t depend on $3/mo shared hosting, it’s not good enough.
  •  Your site is too busy or hard to navigate. Too much clutter or bad navigation impacts users’ ability to find what they want.
  • Your photos are tiny/poor quality. Spend some time and money to get fantastic product photos, they really do make a huge difference.

Think your industry is boring? You likely have a hard time writing tantalizing content, right? Here’s a post about writing content for boring industries that might help inspire you.

And finally, if you’re thinking about creating video to help market your business, here are three things to consider before pushing ‘record.’