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Weekly Links Roundup – Branding, Ecommerce, Blacklisting, SEO Meta Descriptions

The top website and marketing links for this week.

If your company were a couch, what kind of couch would it be? Find out here and see if your website and marketing collateral reflects your choice – or doesn’t.

If you have a large and/or very busy ecommerce site and have been wary about moving to WordPress because of some of the things you might have heard about its capabilities, check out this post about WordPress ecommerce myths. It just might put your worries to rest!

Learn how to get blacklisted by Google. No – not really. Learn about the things that can get you blacklisted on Google search, and then avoid doing them. Knowledge is power.

Finally, do you struggle with your SEO meta descriptions? Here are 11 tips for writing clickworthy meta descriptions.