The top website and marketing links of the week. I always encourage clients to display testimonials on their site, if their industry allows them. Testimonials are a great way to influence prospective customers toward purchasing your products or services. And reviews let your customers speak – even if they are not always positive, how you […]

The top website and marketing links of the week. If you’re using social media to help promote your business, you probably have found that a lack of engagement from your followers is a very frustrating thing. Here are 10 tips on improving engagement in social media marketing. Considering a redesign of your business site as […]

The top website and marketing links of the week. It’s common for clients to make assumptions about mobile design (users never scroll; I have to cut back on content for phones). But many of them just aren’t true! Learn about mobile design myths and how to go beyond them to provide a truly useful and […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. WordPress 4.8 was released as I was writing this post… The two big things you’ll most likely notice are: New native image, video and audio widgets, finally! You can now display this content in widgets without HTML or extra plugins. Link boundaries – know how you […]

The top website and marketing links for this week. Are you one of those business owners who gets a big happy rush when you see your site traffic increasing? And feel deflated when things are in a downturn? This post is for you! Learn 10 ways to get out of an SEO traffic slump. One […]


When doing WordPress performance tuneups for clients, two of the most common problems I see that cause slow page loading are related to images: unoptimized images and scaled images. These problems are actually pretty easy to fix, but they’re usually not aware of why uploading huge images is an issue in the first place. What […]

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I’ve been a BackupBuddy user and avid fan for several years. I love how easy BackupBuddy makes it to migrate sites – I build a lot of sites and do a lot of migrations. It’s a huge timesaver. Last year when I started my WordPress maintenance company WP Minder I didn’t use the built-in backup […]

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Formatting content in WordPress is easy when you code, but how many small business clients code? So far, I’ve only encountered one or two – and even they were not so comfortable in Text view. So I have to make it as easy as possible for my clients to wrangle content on their own… These […]

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The venerable Image Widget has been around a long time. Currently on version 4.0.6, t’s been downloaded over 661,000 times as of this writing, and I’ve been using it myself for at least 3 years on client sites. It’s a simple little plugin with a narrow purpose: use the native WordPress media manager to add […]