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Weekly Links Roundup – Mobile Design, Plugins, Web Fonts, HTTPS

The top website and marketing links of the week.

It’s common for clients to make assumptions about mobile design (users never scroll; I have to cut back on content for phones). But many of them just aren’t true! Learn about mobile design myths and how to go beyond them to provide a truly useful and enjoyable experience for phone users.

Is there such a thing as too many WordPress plugins? Maybe… I’ve seen as many as 35 on a single website, and IMO that’s a bit much… but it really depends on the plugins themselves. You can have one badly-built plugin that slows down your entire site – or 20 good plugins that do their job and keep your site running well. Learn about plugin usage and why it’s okay.

Speaking of performance…

I like using custom web fonts; they can really enhance a site’s design. Typography is a great tool for helping your site stand out. But they can affect performance, especially if you use more than a couple of fonts. Learn about web font performance and the pros and cons of using them.


You’ve probably been hearing a lot about SSL and HTTPS lately – but what exactly are these things, and why does your site need them? Here’s a guide to the basics of HTTPS – which every site should now be using! If you’re not and need help, get in touch.