Ah – that question I hear so often from clients with a new blog! I don’t blog enough – I have a lot of info to share, but often I just don’t think about it until I get some kind of reminder from the outside world – such as a post like this one… Most […]

The spellcheck button

Need a grammar/spelling/style reviewer for your blog posts? There’s a plugin for that. Actually there are a few. One of the more popular is After The Deadline; it’s a comprehensive tool that does all the above. Besides the plugin for WordPress.org sites, it’s also available as a Firefox addon or Chrome browser extension. Give it […]

One of the most important things to remember when blogging? Use a spellchecker. If you’re not that great at writing, have someone else read it before you post – you can always take your time, save it as a draft and get someone else’s opinion before you put it out there for everyone to read. […]