Keeping your credibility while blogging

One of the most important things to remember when blogging? Use a spellchecker.

If you’re not that great at writing, have someone else read it before you post – you can always take your time, save it as a draft and get someone else’s opinion before you put it out there for everyone to read.

Recently I’ve been reading a particular business blog that I found through a Google Alert. This blogger posts frequently, which is great, but unfortunately the posts are just full of grammatical errors and sometimes spelling errors. There are run-on sentences, unusual use of capitalization in the middle of sentences, and other strange things going on. With all the distracting errors it’s often hard to glean the actual message of the post.

Please be careful when you’re writing. Making a grammar or spelling error isn’t the end of the world, but publishing a trainwreck of a post – and doing it frequently – can hurt your professional credibility. It makes it look like you don’t care enough to be careful – does that inattention carry over to your business as well? Probably not, but it’s the first impression that often counts most and a blog full of problems is definitely not the best way to present your business to the world.

This goes for Twitter, Facebook and other social media posts too. Let’s be careful out there.