WordPress update

WordPress released a critical update (3.1.1) today that fixes approximately 30 issues, including some security and performance issues. If you’re a WordPress user, take a moment and upgrade the next time you log in (don’t forget to backup your database first).


New site launch: Fall River Engineering

Fort Collins-based consulting engineer Mike McRoberts came to Red Kite earlier this year looking for a new site to promote his new consulting company. After meeting with Mike and discussing his project, he hired both Red Kite (for web design and development) and our recommended SEO expert, Laurie Macomber of Blue Skies Marketing, with whom…


Grammar tools for WordPress

Need a grammar/spelling/style reviewer for your blog posts? There’s a plugin for that. Actually there are a few. One of the more popular is After The Deadline; it’s a comprehensive tool that does all the above. Besides the plugin for WordPress.org sites, it’s also available as a Firefox addon or Chrome browser extension. Give it…