WordPress training for your editorial staff

Need a bit of a refresher course on how to use your WordPress site? Or perhaps you’re adding staff and need to have a training session to get new editors up to speed? We can help!

Red Kite provides a thorough WordPress training experience for all our project clients. Typically what we’ll do is schedule a meeting at the client’s office – as many trainees can come as needed. Prior to the meeting I will set up user accounts for each attendee so that they can login and follow along on a laptop if they prefer.

We’ll get started by going over the basics (and they get a written guide for this part):

  • How to write a new post, including categories, tags, authors, publish dates, drafts, and adding images
  • How to write a new page and get it into the menu in the appropriate place
  • How to edit existing posts and pages
  • How to create navigation menus in any widget location
  • How to use widgets
  • How to upgrade WordPress and plugins
  • How to backup and secure the WordPress installation (we’ve set up security and automated backups for them already)

Then, if they have any specific plugins that need some explanation, we’ll go over them. I prepare a hardcopy tutorial for special plugins, which might include galleries, shopping carts, testimonial rotators, slideshows, forms, etc., and we’ll work through the process(es) step by step together. The training attendees keep their documentation to use as a reference later.

And of course, the client can always contact me for help. But for the most part, the training sessions are very successful and the client gets enough information to hit the ground running with their new WordPress site.