New site launch: Fall River Engineering

Fort Collins-based consulting engineer Mike McRoberts came to Red Kite earlier this year looking for a new site to promote his new consulting company. After meeting with Mike and discussing his project, he hired both Red Kite (for web design and development) and our recommended SEO expert, Laurie Macomber of Blue Skies Marketing, with whom we partner on a regular basis.

Once the optimized content was ready, we began design work for Mike’s new WordPress site. WordPress will make it easy for him to add blog posts and new pages as needed. We also included a gallery plugin that will do two things – first, he’ll be able to easily add new images in the main Portfolio page whenever they’re needed. Second, he can create ‘micro-galleries’ that can be added to specific posts and pages.

A simple contact form lets Mike prescreen prospective customers before he contacts them, and also serves as a way to collect prospective client contact information if he decides to use an email newsletter provider later.

The slideshow on the home page is run by another WordPress plugin, and it’s easy to add new slides and remove old ones at any time.

Fall River Engineering will benefit from the search engine optimization of its content, but also by enabling Mike to quickly add new content – one of the key factors in ranking well in Google search results.