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Weekly Links Roundup – Website Problems, Nofollow, Android vs iPhone, Local Competition

The top website and marketing links of the week.

I’m on a constant campaign to get my clients to overcome these common problems that hold their websites back. Mobile-unfriendliness, low-quality (or mostly absent) content, free website builders, and lack of trackable conversions are always issues that can be fixed to make your site a more powerful marketing tool.

What is the “nofollow” tag, and when and how would you use it? Learn how to use nofollow to avoid passing linkjuice to sites that may be in any way questionable.

Here’s something interesting (if a bit clickbait-y): did you know that research suggests that iPhone users spend more on online transactions than Android users? See what’s behind this and how you might use it in your marketing efforts. Make your own decision as to its validity!

Finally… if you’re in a battle for customers and conversions with other local businesses, learn how to perform a basic local business competitive audit. This can help you identify why Competitor A is doing better in Google Search than you are.