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Weekly Links Roundup – UX, Google and Trust, Scene Generators

The top website and marketing links of the week.

Does your website delight your users? Or does it leave them with a less-than-satisfied feeling? Read this article about UX (user experience) and find out how poorly designed websites are a lot like having a cranky receptionist with a bad attitude.

Did you know that Google gets around 30 billion search queries every month? That’s staggering! And I’m sure you’ve heard the recent talk about potential biases in the major search and online news providers. Here’s an interesting recent post about how much trust people put into Google search results.

And finally… Do you use stock photos on your website? If you do, you’re certainly not alone. But did you know there are stock images that can help you show off your products? These are called (I didn’t know this) ‘scene generators.’ They can help you display your clothing, print designs, food and drink offerings, apps, identity and more. I’m actually using one on the home page of this site… View a collection of scene generator examples and see if they can benefit you, too.