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Weekly Links Roundup – Creating Trust, Hosting Multiple Sites, Instagram, SSL

The top website and marketing links of the week.

Not just for websites… learn how attentive UX design can help you create trust for your brand across the board (but note how important good website design is!).

How many business websites do you have? If you’re like one of my clients, you might have 6 – and hopefully they’re not using the same hosting account like his sites are! If you do this, you put all your sites at risk. If one gets hacked, all of them can easily be compromised. The best situation is one site per hosting account – learn more about why this is so. And yes, this does cost more, but there are still a very small number of decent shared hosts out there with reasonable prices if this is a big concern. It’s better to pay more than to risk all your business sites going down at once, isn’t it?

If you’re using Instagram for business (or even for fun) and are trying to actively grow your audience, check out these 10 tips to organically grow your  Instagram exposure.

Finally… I’ve written a lot recently about the increasing need to move HTTP sites to HTTPS. Here’s yet another article on how and why it’s more important than ever to secure your website.