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Weekly Links Roundup – Blog Comments, HTTPS Problems, Website Ownership, Social Media Marketing

The top website and online marketing links of the week.

Everything you ever wanted to know about comments in WordPress – what they are and how to manage them. If you’ve decided not to allow commenting in your blog or are currently on the fence about it, check out this post on allowing blog comments or not which has some actual data behind it. Ultimately it’s your decision about what’s best for your site.

Have you made the big switch to HTTPS – bought or gotten a free SSL certificate, had it installed on your site, and done what you read were the correct steps to follow – and still you can’t get that stupid padlock to show up correctly in the address bar? Frustrating, isn’t it? If you’re the DIY type, here’s a tool for you. Why No Padlock will help you track down what’s causing the mixed content errors on your website so you can finally bring closure to your HTTPS odyssey.

Who owns your website? Careful here: it may not be you. I’ve had a few clients in the past receive a very rude awakening when they decided to move to WordPress. Learn why you should avoid proprietary website platforms (especially for your business) and always have your very own site on your very own hosting account.

And finally… Are you using social media to market your small business? Maybe you have a Facebook business page, or a Twitter account. But do you know really what you’re doing, so you make the most of your time? Here’s a great post from one of my favorite Internet marketing experts on effectively marketing your small business on social media.

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