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Weekly Links Roundup – Best Pinterest Images, Recycle Old Content, Analytics, Google My Business

The top website and online marketing links of the week.

Pinterest can be a great marketing platform for your business if your customers are there (same goes for all social media platforms). But do you know how to maximize your efforts? Here’s a post showing what types of Pinterest images get the most engagement.In short: avoid faces, use vibrant colors (especially red) and include lots of detail in your photos.

I’ve written before about reusing your old blog or website content – you spent all that time making it, so why should it not continue to work hard for you long after it’s first published? Learn 5 ways to recycle old content using email.

For those who have yet to use Google Analytics or are brand new to it, it can certainly be overwhelming. Here are some playful suggestions for getting familiar with Analytics.

You’ve likely heard about Local Search. But if you work at home, or do your work at your clients’ locations (think locksmith or carpet cleaner) and don’t have a traditional brick-and-mortar location, can you still get involved? Yes you can! And you should. Learn about setting up a service-area business profile on Google My Business.

On that topic, if you’re not yet using Google My Business, now’s the time to claim and verify your listing, and get to work on your profile. Get expert tips on setting up and optimizing your Google My Business profile.

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