New Data Privacy Law for Colorado Businesses

As of September 1, 2018, Colorado-based businesses are affected by a new consumer data privacy law. The new law’s data protection standards are now among the strictest in the US. But the good news is, if you’re already complying with GDPR, the European General Data Protection Rule, it appears that no additional steps will be required: you’re already in compliance with the Colorado law.

These new consumer data protection rules (in the US and around the world) can be quite confusing. There are a number of complex actions that must be taken to bring a website and its connected services into compliance but little information on how to do it properly. Many of the standards are still a moving target in many respects.

If you’re not sure if your site is compliant with either GDPR or the Colorado law, contact us and we can help you get started.

The GDPR affects all US companies that do business in Europe, and its influence is now being felt in the US as states work to make protection of consumer data stronger. Learn more about the new Colorado data privacy law. And for a wider view of privacy rules, here is information on the GDPR for US-based businesses.