Give Your Website a Typography Makeover

Want to update the look of your site without spending a lot of effort and money? Consider a typography facelift!

With the ease of using a simple tool called @font-face, you can spruce up the major headings on your site using ‘real’ fonts, not just the ones most often used on websites like Arial and Verdana. You can also replace those old headline images with real text that looks just as good if not better (and can also have drop shadows just like images).

We use Font Squirrel primarily, it has a good selection of free fonts plus a font-face generator that you can use to create a font-face for your site from most any font (you’ll need to check its licensing first).

These Red Kite-designed sites are using @font-face for headlines, sometimes for other text in the page like taglines:

We can help you decide what special headline fonts will work well on your site, just give us a call at 970-372-2125 or email us.