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Friday Link Wrapup – HTTPS, Color in Web Design, Branding

The top website and marketing links for this week.

If you still haven’t made the switch to a mobile-friendly website, get ready – Chrome is going to start notifying users of sites that don’t use HTTPS for pages with password or credit card form fields that the site they’re on is not secure in January 2017. Users will see a red triangle next to the URL, just as they would for broken HTTPS sites. If you need help moving your site to HTTPS, contact me.

If you’re thinking about a website makeover, you might want to learn more about the psychology of color in web design. Studies show that color heavily influences online purchases and conversions! You can also improve readability of your site by improving the contrast between elements with color.

And finally – have you noticed an increase in the number of cars with wraps promoting their businesses? Here’s a quick guide from Constant Contact to some branding opportunities that might easily be overlooked…