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Weekly Links Roundup – Social Media Auto Posting, SEO Glossary, SEO Challenges, Color

The top website and marketing links of the week.

Need an easy way to manage the auto-posting of your WordPress blog posts to your various social media sites? Here’s a roundup of 10 plugins for social media auto-posting. I use Revive Old Post for republishing old content, and I’ve also used a plugin not on this list: Social Media Auto Publish. It’s free but limited to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ever been doing your own SEO (or trying to decipher something your SEO expert sent you) and having to deal with acronyms and terms you don’t recognize? Here’s a comprehensive great big glossary of SEO terms for your small business reference library.

Speaking of SEO – ever tried to do it for a product or service with no (that’s zero) search demand? It’s not an impossible task, you just need to think a bit more creatively.

Finally… this week I’ve been working with a client to refine their logo – and by association, website – color palette. Here’s a guide to using color psychology to increase conversions and interactions on your site.

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