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Weekly Links Roundup – Republish Old Posts, Content Curation, Website Footers, More Conversions

Merry Christmas!

The top website and online marketing links of the week.

Do you ever republish your old blog posts? If you don’t, you should consider it. It’s likely there are great old posts that just need a little updating before they’re ready to put in front of newer readers. Recycling old content is often much easier than trying to come up with new topics! Learn why and how to republish old blog posts – and the right way to do it to keep your “link juice.”

Speaking of blogging – here’s a post that discusses one of my favorite strategies, content curation, and how you can use it to get more leads to your site. Content curation is the act of sifting through lots of web content and creating posts that group your findings into themes – think boards on Pinterest, for example.

Did you give much thought to your website’s footer (the section at the very bottom)? Or did you assume that most users won’t ever see it and not put a lot of effort into making it useful? That’s a mistake. Learn how to make your footer work harder for you by including things like contact info (or a contact form), your privacy policy or terms of service, and yet another call-to-action.

Finally… learn how to use persuasion to get more conversions on your site. A conversion is anything you want the user to do: buy something, or sign up for a newsletter, or submit a contact form. Use psychology to get more of them!

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