Weekly Links Roundup – Outbound Links, Page Quality, Google Reviews, Email Etiquette

The top website and marketing links of the week.

I saw an interesting post on the Yoast blog this week called “Do Outbound Links Matter for SEO?” That’s a good question! The answer is yes, they do, but not for the reasons you might think. Follow the link to find out why outbound links matter.

In another Yoast post they discuss how to identify and fix low-quality pages – those pages that aren’t contributing to SEO on your site, but could with some attention and focused tweaking.

A new client is looking to display their Google Reviews on their website. This is easily doable, easier in WordPress with plugins, but even if you’re not using WordPress you can still display your reviews – here is a guide to setting them up. Adding reviews and testimonials is a great way to share social proof – indicators that others like your services or products enough to write about them. Testimonials and recommendations from actual users are very important to a lot of online purchasers!

Finally… do you get too much email? Is a lot of it really unnecessary? Here’s an email charter designed to help you improve the usefulness of your emailings, save your own time, and increase awareness of how email impacts your friends and colleagues. Maybe something in the charter will resonate with you…