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Two New Website Launches: PRS Septic Services and Ace Chem-Dry

Our latest launches: two Colorado company websites – one for our long-term client Portable Rental Systems, and the other for Loveland-based Ace Chem-Dry.

Portable Rental Systems recently expanded into a new industry, septic cleaning and pumping. They had content related to the new field on their existing website but the work had grown to the point where they felt they needed to spin it off into a new site.

We created a new website, loosely modeled on the five-year-old original, but focused entirely on content for the new niche. We removed that content from the existing website at launch.

The new site was built in Concrete5, a lightweight CMS that allows the client to edit content, add pages on the fly, and manage custom functionality easily. It’s not as powerful as WordPress, but is also less expensive to build; Concrete5 fits perfectly with their business needs and lets them handle everything they need to do with the site on a day-to-day basis.

Loveland-based carpet cleaning company Ace Chem-Dry had a page within the Chem-Dry company site, but came to us looking for a separate website where they would have more freedom to present their own unique content. We set them up with a custom WordPress site that includes a multi-page appointment scheduling form similar to the one found on the master Chem-Dry site, but scaled down to fit their needs. We also made a template with custom fields to enable them to manage the coupons on their new Specials page quite easily.