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New website consulting services

Red Kite’s added two targeted consulting services to its menu – the Website Evaluation and the Quick SEO Audit.

The Website Evaluation is perfect for the business owner who is considering a redesign, but doesn’t know where to start. We’ll do a review of your site’s design, navigation, general usability, content and conversion methods and provide a report with specific recommendations that can be implemented by us, or by your own web developer.

The Quick SEO Audit is a website review designed to identify major problems with optimization. We’ll look at your home page, category pages, content pages, navigation, links, code quality and search engine inclusion. As with the Website Evaluation, we’ll provide a report with action items that we can take care of for you, or that you can have your own web developer handle.

Both of these services are designed to give you quick results – important when you’re unsure of what needs to come next. For more information about either service, email or call (970) 372-2125, we’ll be happy to chat with you.