Just Finished a WooCommerce Course…

I have a lot of clients using WooCommerce, a very popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress. I’ve learned a lot about WooCommerce (especially the backend!) by working on clients’ websites, but I knew a bit less about all the details of setup and daily usage than I liked. So I found a WooCommerce class on lynda.com

If you have a WooCommerce store and are not yet what you would consider to be an ‘expert’ at using it, this is very good course. I found that I was pleasantly up to date on most of the topics, but I did learn some very useful things that will help me when working with clients using this cart in the future.

Here’s an overview of the main topics:

  1. Introduction (what you need to know before taking the course)
  2. Getting started (about WooCommerce)
  3. Setting Up Shop with WooCommerce (installation and settings)
  4. Setting Up Payment Gateways (payment options and using Paypal or Stripe)
  5. Setting Up Shipping Options (shipping methods)
  6. Adding Products (new products, variations, digital products and reviews)
  7. Customizing Your Store (front page, sidebar and category layout)
  8. Managing Sales (managing orders, reports and coupons)
  9. Conclusion (where to go next)

Taking a class like this is a great way to feel much more in control of your cart and ecommerce website.

Need more convincing? Use this link and you’ll get 10 free days of access to lynda.com.

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