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Friday Link Wrapup – Website Planning, Social Media, About Us Pages, Homepages

The top website and marketing links for this week.

Here’s an interesting take on the planning process for a new website – how to plan your website like you plan your vacations. This post will help you think about your goals, budget, and more.

Just getting started on Facebook or Twitter, or looking for more creative ways to get eyes on your content? How to effectively promote your content using social media.

“The About Us page is where irrelevant content goes to die.” How can you resist an opening line like that? Learn more about how to make a better About Us page.

And finally… most home pages try to include a bit of everything on the website, when they should be concentrating on just one thing. Learn how to craft an effective home page call-to-action with some before-and-after examples to get you started.