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Friday Link Wrapup – Social Media Trends, Push Notifications, Typography Tips, Missed Opportunities

The top website and marketing links for this week.

New to social media, or not getting the results you need? Check out these 6 social media trends for 2016 which may help beef up your marketing ROI.

If you’re a WordPress user, are you using push notifications to update users instantly? If not, read this post about the 5 best push notification plugins to help you connect immediately and get new content and offers in front of users fast. Studies show that push notifications have a better click rate (11%) than email (2-3%).

This overview of typography tips for easier reading is geared toward WordPress but applies to any website. It includes useful tips such as keeping the number of font faces down to no more than 3 and sizing paragraph text generously so it’s easy to read for any audience.

Last but not least, an interesting short piece about missed opportunities and getting out of the habit of only seeing what you expect to see.