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Weekly Links Roundup – Updating Content, Gutenberg, Email Marketing, Bing Search

The top website and online marketing links of the week.

When you change content on your website, do you let Google know about it? I don’t mean a simple change like rearranging a sentence or fixing some grammar errors… more like changing the title of a post, or adding a new section to a services page. You need to let Google know about this. Learn how to use Google Search Console when you update content.

Gutenberg is on the way, if it’s not here already – the WordPress 5.0 drop is scheduled for today as I write this. If you’re a WordPress user and are not yet familiar with Gutenberg take a look at this….

Gutenberg is not yet ready for prime time for a number of reasons – that’s the feeling shared by many developers, including me – and for the time being you might be better off sticking with the classic WordPress editor. This is what I’m recommending to my clients and maintenance service subscribers. Here’s how to disable Gutenberg (when it goes live) and keep using Classic Editor.

How to do Christmas email marketing right – it’s not too late to start, though this is really a longer-term process.

And just in time; here’s a study that shows which email closings get the most replies. Is it ‘sincerely?’ ‘Regards?’ Read the post to find out.

Finally… if you’re doing SEO to do better in Google Search, have you thought about Bing lately? Though it’s far behind Google’s 86% market share (as of this summer), Bing is growing about 17% per year. Competition is a good thing, and marketing with Bing in mind is not that different. Learn how Bing is innovating to provide a better search experience, and how you can get involved.

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