Weekly Links Roundup – New Business Location, URL Shorteners, Small Businesses Without Websites

The top website and online marketing links of the week.

Adding a new brick-and-mortar location to your small business empire can be very exciting! But even though you’ll probably remember to update your website with your new location’s information, you might not remember to edit your Google My Business local search listing. Here’s a guide to understanding how opening a new business location can impact your local search strategy.

Not using Google My Business? Even if you don’t have a physical location, it still matters for most businesses! We can help get you set up.

If you use Google URL Shortener as a way to provide short, memorable links to your customers and prospects, you know that a simple link is better than a long one. Google URL Shortener stopped its service in March (though old shortened links still work). Here are 8 alternatives to Google URL Shortener that will do the trick, too.

Here’s a big one as far as I’m concerned – small business that still don’t have websites. Studies show that 30% of people won’t choose a business if it doesn’t have a website. People turn to online search first these days. If you’re not one of the sites that comes up for them when they search for a product or service, most of them will never know your business exists. They want an easy way to learn about your business, and whether it fits their needs, and whether your business has credibility.

Social sites alone don’t cut it – if you rely on Facebook alone and your account gets removed, then where are you? And by relying on social sites, you’re letting them create first impressions for your business – they call all the shots. You don’t own the page or the contacts you made, the social media network does.

All small businesses need websites. Contact Red Kite if you’re ready to get started – we won’t judge, and we’ll make the process as pain-free as possible!

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