New service – Managed WordPress Hosting

What’s the difference between typical self-hosted WordPress hosting and our new Managed Hosting service? Quite a lot!

Self-hosted WordPress on a big-box host is certainly less expensive, but you really do get what you pay for.  With a cheap hosting account comes slower load times, less security, and vulnerability to the whims of other users on your server (if someone spams, you may get blacklisted just because you’re on the same host server).

You have to handle all WordPress and plugin updates yourself. You’re also responsible for backing up your own site, and most likely aren’t doing it consistently. What if the server has a major problem? Do you have a safe copy of your site to recover?

Time to Get Serious!

If you’re using WordPress as a serious business tool, you owe it to your business to consider managed hosting. Our new managed hosting service includes:

  • Better Performance. Our fast, private servers ensure your site will perform much better than on any big-box, low-cost hosting account.
  • Security. Only our clients are your neighbors. We offer 24/7 server monitoring plus third-party Sucuri for handling malware and virus threats.
  • Automatic Updates. We’ll handle all WordPress core and plugin updates for you.
  • Automatic Backups. Nightly offsite backups mean you’re covered in case of an emergency.
  • WordPress Expertise. Get advice on choosing the right plugin or theme through our help desk.

Learn more about our new managed WordPress hosting plan.