Learn the Analytics Basics

Back in January I asked my clients what services they needed that I wasn’t providing – what would help them get more out of their website investment? Over 70% of them told me they’d like some basic training in using Analytics tools to better understand their sites.

Made sense… I always help clients get a Google Analytics account set up if they don’t already have one, and the tracking code onto their sites, and an XML site map so that the search bots can crawl properly. But most clients don’t know what to do with all the info they get from analytics, or what they should be looking at; what’s most important?

Learn to use Google Analytics and Search ConsoleAs a result of conversations with these clients I’m introducing a new service to help them get started using analytics, it’s called the Analytics Starter Pack.

It’s designed to help people get a basic handle on both Google Analytics and Google Search Console, including customized reporting that focuses on the key info they need to better understand what’s happening on their site. It also includes a training session to make sure clients are comfortable with using both tools.

Learn more about the Analytics Starter Pack – or sign up if you’d like to get the training yourself!