Friday Link Wrapup – SEO Tactics, Landing Pages and Readability

The top website and marketing links for this week.

Here’s a question clients ask me frequently and I was glad to see that the answer I always give is the right one. What’s the most effective SEO tactic today? The top answer is: relevant content creation. This is no surprise. Next comes keyword research and then frequent website updating. The only bad part is, content creation is rated as the second-most difficult tactic to do (and do well), right after link-building. But you’ve just got to do it if you want to do well in organic search results.

Here’s an infographic on the landing page screwups that are likely to cost you customers. The top ones I see in client sites are:

  • Too many choices and no clear call-to-action
  • Lack of credibility – old website, not mobile-friendly, doesn’t look professional or trustworthy
  • Slow-loading pages – a cause of frustration

Finally, are you having trouble ensuring that all that content you’re writing is reader-friendly? Here are some readability tools that will help.