Five Tips for Maximizing Your New Home Page

When I’m working with a client and they’re putting content together for a new website, almost invariably they tell me that when it comes to the home page, they have no idea what to write.

The home page is often a difficult thing to wrap one’s head around when content creation is in the works. It has to serve as an introduction to your business that’s at least compelling enough to get the visitor to click and go deeper, but it’s hard to write because it has to be ‘everything for everyone’ – it has no simple focus the way a page about a unique service or product does. What do you put on the home page to make it work as the doorway to your company?

Here we go…

First and foremost, you need a call to action – a button or other graphic that’s large, obvious, and interesting enough to get people to click on it. The text of your call-to-action should offer something that you know your visitors are looking for or may benefit from. For example:

  • Sign up now to get our whitepaper on (insert topic here)
  • Request a free estimate
  • Download our app
  • Donate now

This button or graphic needs to be prominent, near the top of the page content, and very easy to see. Don’t crowd it – leave plenty of white space around it.