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Weekly Links Roundup – Site Traffic, HTTPS, WordPress Plugins

The top website and marketing links for this week.

Are you one of those business owners who gets a big happy rush when you see your site traffic increasing? And feel deflated when things are in a downturn? This post is for you! Learn 10 ways to get out of an SEO traffic slump. One of my favorites is reworking/updating old content to make it fresh and relevant again.

Many of my clients have made the move to HTTPS, and I strongly recommend it. If you’re a DIY type, here’s a comprehensive guide to moving from HTTP to HTTPS on your own.

And if you have (or are considering) a brand new WordPress site – maybe making the move from a static site or another CMS – here’s a list of some useful WordPress plugins to start your site out right. My favorites from this list: Gravity Forms, Smush Pro, Antispam Bee, TinyMCE Advanced and WooCommerce if you’re need a flexible shopping cart.