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Weekly Links Roundup – Holiday Marketing, Local SEO, Blogging, Security

The top website and marketing links of the week.

Happy Black Friday! To celebrate (is that the correct term?) here’s a collection of top tips for holiday email marketing from HubSpot and more email tips from Mailchimp. And one more from Constant Contact – how to stand out in an overstuffed inbox.

Oops, here’s another one… a holiday checklist for Local SEO, including things like making sure your listings are accurate and your website is all updated, especially if selling products online. And, that you’re ready to deal with complaints…

If you’re blogging (and you should be, it’s a great way to both establish yourself as an expert and grow your site) you don’t have be a great writer, just be yourself. Learn why it’s important to write like you talk.

Hacking is bad anytime of year, but getting hacked during the holidays when you may be at your busiest with online sales is the worst. Learn the very basics of protecting your WordPress site from hacking. And if you’re not comfortable handling these technical details yourself, check out our sister site WP Minder, we have maintenance plans which include all these security measures to keep your site safe.